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iGaming in Italy

Online casino games have revolutionized the world of betting in Italy. This claim has been backed drastically as the revenue has reached its highest value over the last 8 months. Recording at 324.9 million euros in one month all coming from online gaming.  

The reason for this month-on-month growth was down to the popularity of online gaming and the targeted marketing strategies that have been implemented by all businesses to drive consumers in. This successful marketing strategy has seen revenue reach 171 million euros in the online casino services which was a 5% rise when compared to the previous January. This also triumphed the previous month of December by almost 10 million euros.  

The revenue can be split into different categories to record where the money came from Online sports betting, Bingo, retail sector, and Poker. As we look at the dominant players in the market it looks like PokerStars triumphed in this area, however, they still only control less than 10% of the market which highlights the competition in Italy.   

There is still room for progress though as the overall revenue for January was 3.3% higher than last January. Something that affiliates should look at setting in their own goals.