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Gen Z still use Facebook but spend more time on other apps

One could be forgiven for thinking that, for Gen Z, Facebook may now seem like a bit of an afterthought. With the satisfying aesthetics of Instagram, the unpredictability of Twitter, and the phenomenal popularity of TikTok, it can be difficult to see where Facebook fits among today’s apps.

However, a recent study conducted by app analytics firm has revealed some interesting statistics.

“The number one social app in the US by Gen Z monthly active usage is  Facebook, with TikTok coming in fourth, based on active user data,” the company noted.
This is certainly surprising, and perhaps should make us rethink conclusions we may have drawn based on current trends.

However, further stats revealed by the study suggest that, while Gen Z users log into Facebook most often, they are more likely to log in to Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.
Meta hasn’t reported monthly active user (MAU) data since 2016, but research published by eMarketer on the average time spent US adults spend on apps per day had TikTok at the top with an average of 45.8 minutes, while Facebook came in fifth at 30.1 minutes.
One possible explanation for this is users quickly check Facebook for updates, before spending more time being engaged with apps like TikTok. Regardless, it’s important to note these differences and be aware of current analytical patterns.

These discrepancies pose a dilemma for marketers, while potential customers may be logging on to certain apps each day, how long they spend on them is a different question entirely. Marketers must assess user behavior carefully, to best place ads for maximum reach and impact.