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How to make money in affiliate marketing by promoting online casinos and betting

Affiliate marketing can be a great source of income for those looking to earn extra money – it’s an easy way of teaming up with established brands and profiting by helping them advertise.
With online gambling experiencing a sharp rise in activity in the past few years, the iGaming industry has become an ideal space for affiliate marketers to earn. Head of Affiliates at 247PartnersAlex Boiko discusses how marketers can make money by promoting online casinos and betting brands.

Affiliate marketing in iGaming is a very competitive environment. When working with online casinos, affiliates must accept the fact that they won’t be the only ones promoting these brands – there will be thousands of others recommending the same websites to the players out there. However, this is not a reason to become discouraged from working with online casinos – it’s a saturated niche but one that can be very lucrative if it is developed correctly.

Performance for iGaming surged during the pandemic, with people looking for ways to participate in this hobby remotely. Inadvertently, this brought forward a rise in gambling-related affiliate marketing, as entrepreneurial marketers saw a great opportunity. Two years later, affiliate marketing related to iGaming has shown no signs of slowing down. With the demand for online products staying high, affiliates looking to start marketing in this space couldn’t join at a better time. This applies to most, if not every brand within the iGaming industry, as they have realized the potential of online gaming.

However, affiliate marketing in iGaming does have hurdles. Those entering this niche area must realize that the gambling affiliate industry is very competitive, dynamic, and high-risk. The industry operates at a fast pace and is volatile, anything can happen at any time. With that in mind, affiliates must stay on their toes when supporting iGaming companies. One way to reduce the possibility of errors and be less susceptible to risks is to diversify. For example, with SEO traffic, it’s a good idea to use several sites for different markets, therefore, if one was to close there will be other sites still operating.

To maximize the conversion rates of each affiliate, we check in on them three to four times a day. If we notice a drop, we start analyzing its cause and implement a proactive approach to improve the numbers. Working with Affiliates, we as an advertiser must constantly strive to create new bonus offers, work on revamping products, test new registration forms, study markets, and follow trends. This is something we’ve done efficiently over the years, and it has allowed us to maintain a consistent level of output.

Requesting exclusive deals is an effective way of generating strong figures and making steady profits, but this is something that needs to be tailored specifically to the brands affiliates have chosen to work with. When advertising, identifying the traffic source and studying the market is one of the most important things. This gives affiliates an understanding of the brand’s player base, giving them an indication of how they function online and within the particular jurisdiction. They can then formulate their plan from the conversion of brands they work with and their CRM.

The gambling industry holds fantastic opportunities for affiliate marketers looking to explore new horizons. The loyal and ever-growing audience is already there – all they have to do is take advantage of the demand. Of course, with that comes a great deal of competition but, armed with this information, marketers looking to venture into this vibrant industry will find success when working with online casinos and betting brands.