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Why you should be spending your budget on PR

You have probably heard of companies that specialise in PR but how much do you really know about this field of marketing? As someone who runs an affiliate business, you should be looking down all possible avenues to generate income and build your brand. According to the experts – PR is a viable way of achieving these goals.
Below, we look at why you should be spending your budget on PR going forward

What does PR involve?

PR stands for public relations and it refers to the idea of letting the public know a bit more about your brand. PR tasks can involve anything from creating content that is published by other brands to promote your business or other things such as management of brand reputation. Public relations companies don’t just deal with disasters, they can also be used to promote positive stories.
You might find that public relations tasks involve dealing with enquiries, organising events and producing press releases on your brand.

Why do you need it?

There are tons of reasons why you might benefit from using a PR agency to build your brand including the fact that it can get your name out there. Sure, you could be spending a lot of your budget on Facebook ads or SEO but with the PR boost, you can grow at a quicker rate.
You might also find that public relations can help you to manage your reputation a bit better. You can use PR publications to promote your brand values and reach your target audience a lot easier. That’s not all, public relations is also opportunistic and it can enhance your online presence. Affiliate marketing is a tough industry with a lot of competition so you could really benefit from a boost of sorts.

What can it do for your affiliate business?

Affiliate businesses can really benefit from good public relations so this is something to consider. When it comes to SEO, having backlinks to your site can be extremely beneficial. So, by working on some PR, you could find that some big publications are driving traffic to your site. This has a direct impact on your SEO and can help you to enhance your online presence. In addition to that, good PR can help you to grow your social channels and drive traffic back to your landing page that way.
For those operating in the retail industry, for example, PR can be extremely beneficial. For example, a good PR agency will have connections with the biggest publishers and so can ensure that your press releases get out there. This can be extremely effective during holiday seasons as you could get your site in a gift guide through the use of PR.

Try PR

If you are focusing all of your efforts on SEO and Facebook ads then you should also spend some time looking into public relations and how it can benefit your affiliate business. You might find that by allocating some of your budget to this kind of project, you could see a positive response.
Of course, you must make sure that you are using the right agency, otherwise, your efforts will be wasted!