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Deposit cap extended by Swedish government

The Swedish government has extended the deposit cap that it has placed on online casinos until 14 November. The temporary gambling controls have been in place since July 2020 and they include a SEK5,000 (£424) cap on any kinds of deposits at sites in this country.

Lockdown measures continue

Despite the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination over recent months, the virus is still very apparent around the world. In Sweden, it has been noted by the government that there is still cause for concern and so strict measures like these are set to remain in place.
The controls were initially introduced back in July 2020 and were to last until the end of the year. The government then agreed to extend them until June 2021 and now November 2021.

Strict gambling controls

For any operators in this space, the measures have been less than ideal. There has been a monthly deposit limit of SEK5,000 (£424) in place and a similar rule for losses at land-based slots. The government has also made it mandatory for players to set limits on their accounts that will limit the time that they spend playing these games.
In addition to this, bonuses must be capped at SEK100 (£8.50) which is disappointing for players.

Will they continue?

The Swedish government is clearly concerned with the wellbeing of its population and have taken strict measures to ensure everything is kept under control. While the new restrictions are set to be in place until November, there is potential for this to be extended once again.
Any operators or affiliates in this space must stay up to date with the latest regulations in Sweden to avoid any fines going forward.