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Twitter report explains what consumers expect from their brands online

Some insight has been shared via a Twitter report on what consumers on its platform are looking for from brands marketing on the site.

The social media site published a new report that outlines the evolving consumer trends recognized on the platform and their effects on digital and affiliate marketing.
In the Twitter report, named #RealTalk, an entire decade’s worth of user tweets, brand tweets, and consumer surveys have been gathered to give pointers on what the changing habits of consumers indicate they want from their brands.

What does the report say?
The report is 50-pages long and covers a lot of areas in marketing in detail, but there are some highlights.

The main takeaway from the report says that 7 in 10 users surveyed on the platform enjoy the interaction with brands “because brands add to the enjoyment of using Twitter”.
Another takeaway says that Twitter users will notice when you are talking, and when you are not. According to the report: “61% of people surveyed say brands should acknowledge moments of crisis in their advertising and communications when they are occurring.”
This could feed into the ongoing changes surrounding a brand’s principles. Consumers are researching a brand’s place on certain topics and supporting brands accordingly.
There is a lot to cover, so for the full details, take a look at the original 50-page report here.

How can affiliate marketing managers use this?
There are a lot of pointers found within the Twitter report, including comments on tone, topics to give an opinion on, the number of hashtags included, etc.
Brands can use these pointers to boost user engagement and please users to endear them to products and services.