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Rightlander launches Smart Workbench compliance tool

Advertising and affiliate compliance firm Rightlander has confirmed the launch of its new Smart Workbench, a tool designed to cut down the marketing compliance workload with an AI-driven approach.

Rightlander, which recently partnered with Awin, identifies compliance issues by monitoring millions of pages across the internet and evaluating traffic and other metrics. With the Smart Workbench, Rightlander will be able to learn from this process and adjust its methods for better and more efficient future performance.

According to the company, the Smart Workbench will make affiliate compliance processes up to 90% less time-consuming. It has the power to identify logos, branding, and references, and can flag misinformation or inaccurate messages, assessing whether these are relevant to the brand. Additionally, it can rank compliance issues based on item significance, where it is on a site, and the context in which it is displayed.

The Smart Workbench will flag and highlight areas of concern, allowing affiliates, clients, and compliance officers to quickly assess the situation and take action. If it has flagged something incorrectly, this can be marked as a ‘non-issue’, the smart workbench will learn from this and use it to improve its performance in the future.

“This is a game-changer for our clients. Rightlander’s unique ability to scan millions of pages is a key reason for our success but working at scale means we uncover many more potential issues than our competitors which of course, need to be dealt with.

“Our focus in 2022 has been to find a solution to dramatically reduce the data that compliance teams have to deal with without resorting to lower scan volumes and I’m blown away by what our dev team has come up with here,” said Rightlander Founder Ian Sims.