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7StarsPartners Q+A: Building connections and nurturing partners

7StarsPartners offers a leading partner program with a modern, competently built marketing system. Partners registered can gain access to various advertising materials and a great commission rate.
We spoke with the 7StarsPartners team to find out how they communicate with partners and keep everything on track. Find out what they had to say below.

AffiliateINSIDER: How do you make communication with partners as straightforward as possible?

7StarsPartners: “Here at 7StarsPartners, we take pride in adopting a client-oriented and efficient approach to communicating with our partners. A member of our talented team is available around the clock, and can be contacted via Skype and email, with each manager’s contact details available through our site.”

AffiliateINSIDER: What is 7StarsPartners’ process for responding to and resolving questions from partners quickly?

7StarsPartners: “We have 10 affiliate managers responsible for their own portfolios, so therefore each partner has a dedicated member of the team responsible for helping their business to grow. Our affiliate managers develop strong and amicable working relationships with our partners, which is a large part of why the service we offer is one of the best available on today’s affiliate market.
As well as going above and beyond to support existing partners, we tirelessly endeavour to ensure that there is a constant influx of new ones through consistent commercial outreach. That’s why we’re acquiring more licences, integrating additional payment methods to improve conversion and localising within an even larger number of regulated global markets.”

AffiliateINSIDER: What characteristics do you look for in support personnel?

7StarsPartners: “We believe that a gifted, hardworking and professionally adroit roster of staff are the most important factor determining the success of any business. Every affiliate manager within the 7StarsPartners team are reliable, energetic and enthusiastic – doing everything they can to work towards the ambitious outcomes which our company always aims for.
We feel really proud of the working environment which we have built, and there’s a fantastic dynamic that exists between every member of our team.”

AffiliateINSIDER: To what extent can good communication improve on an affiliate’s conversion rate?

7StarsPartners: “We do everything we can to help our affiliates to increase their earnings month on month. Having the privilege of being a multi-brand affiliate program, we can pick and choose which of our acclaimed brands will perform best for a particular partner.
We always provide affiliates with high-converting promotional materials and have a diverse variety of tools in our arsenal when it comes to helping our affiliates thrive and grow.”

AffiliateINSIDER: As well as responsiveness, what else can be done to ensure a positive customer experience for your partners?

7StarsPartners: “When circumstances safely allow for it, it’s really important to organise face to face meetings with your partners. We invite clients to attend company celebrations, taking part in all the major trade shows, industry events and networking functions.
In recent weeks, we have attended Affiliate Grand Slam in Dubai, where for the first time since the outbreak of coronavirus, we were able to meet affiliates in person. In addition to that, we ensure a positive customer experience for our partners by organising tournaments in which they can compete for prizes. Recently, for example, we’ve arranged the Summer Race, a sweltering contest which doled out €100,000 among affiliates who obtained the most FTDs!”