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LinkedIn expands Services Marketplace

LinkedIn has expanded its Services Marketplace in an attempt to connect brands with freelancers and cater to the ever-growing gig economy.

The expansion

The move will see LinkedIn expand its Services Marketplace which launched in February this year and has since attracted over 2 million active users. It has its sights set on global expansion to maximise opportunities for brands and freelancers to discover and connect.
In the latest expansion, users that add a Services listing to their profile can benefit from greater discovery, brand-new recommendation tools, and additional search filters. This will provide business owners with everything they need to capitalise on the services of freelance providers.
It has also streamlined the process of connecting with freelancers by allowing users to request services from service pages without connecting or following them beforehand. This is in addition to a dashboard to keep tabs on various requests from one handy location.

A move towards flexible working

It is one of several features recently announced by LinkedIn designed to facilitate hybrid working practices. This is in response to a wider shift towards flexible working on a global scale in recent months.
The employment-oriented platform has consistently tapped into emerging trends in the business world and, as a result, has remained ahead of the curve when it comes to connecting users to careers that suit their individual needs, wants, and interests.
This expansion will also see it compete with a number of freelance platforms, such as Fiverr and Upwork, to match skilled workers with relevant short-term positions.