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Facebook to remove any adverts with “sensitive topics”

Facebook has announced that they are removing thousands of ads on their site that relate to sensitive topics.

What is happening?

In an attempt to align with the ever-changing privacy regulations, Facebook is making moves to remove sensitive topic ads from its social media platform, according to a statement released on November 10th.
“Starting January 19, 2022, we will remove Detailed Targeting options that relate to topics people may perceive as sensitive, such as options referencing causes, organizations, or public figures that relate to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation.”

What does “sensitive” mean?

Affiliate marketing firms can usually find a list of topics in Detailed Targeting on the website, showing a list of relevant topics to your post. With this new move, Facebook will remove thousands of them.
As well as targeting universally controversial industries like gambling and drinking, sensitive topics cover politics, health, activism, etc. Companies will no longer be able to post ads pertaining to Breast Cancer Awareness Month for example, or the Black Lives Matter movement.

What will happen?

Many brands supplement their products with activism, or a wider message, having seen that young people, in particular, are more likely to buy a product if the brand supplying them supports causes that align with their beliefs.
With ads no longer allowed to mention “sensitive” topics, these brands will not be allowed to promote their activism on the site, causing marketers to determine a hasty workaround. The removal of the topics will not only affect the marketing content that is released, but also how brands engage and connect with their communities.
Facebook is doing this to comply with the EU’s stricter GDPR data protection laws, which say that the company cannot legally target users based on these topics without the consent of each individual.