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A new service with payments for replenishing TT, FB, Google - FlexCard or the reason why web master no longer needs to look for foreign bank cards.

A new service with payments for replenishing TT, FB, Google - FlexCard or the reason why web master no longer needs to look for foreign bank cards.
Overview of the FlexCard service: benefits, cost of issuance, fees, and some internals from the personal account. 
Why FlexCard is better than a trip to Armenia to open a bank card? 
FlexCard provides payments from the CPA-network Traffic Light. The affiliate issues free agency cabs and is maximally interested in the fact that the webs sell and do not experience discomfort with replenishment and operations. Payments appeared in May 2022 and were tested in private. Now they are open to all webmasters, regardless of which affiliate one uses.
Petr, owner of TraffCloud I like the unlimited issuance of cards and that the bins have less risk of Facebook payments. As for Google, it's very cool that you can confirm cards through 3ds, and this removes all the problems with suspicious payments. 
The most important thing is that issuing cards costs only 2 to 4 EUR, with no service fee. And the minimum replenishment starts from 50 EUR. What a beauty! 
Service BIN tick: Sofia, Barcelona 
Two financial services Sophia (GEO BIN Estonia, according to different BIN databases breaks through as Spain) and Barcelona (GEO BIN Estonia, according to different BIN-OB bases breaks through as Brazil) 
Short start
You don't need privates and code words to register with FlexCard (except for CPA - the best media about arbitration, of course. It's a fact, but you can just accept it). 
You need cards - go to the FlexCard website, register, and enter your name, email, and password. Be sure to read and confirm the user agreement.
After registration, a link is traditionally sent to the mail to confirm the email. Get started! 
Another thoughtful decision (it’s immediately obvious that the payment system was made as convenient as possible for the web, respect TL). If you are a team leader or solo, for the final activation of your account, you need to create a team for it in the system. To do this, contact support and specify: 
• Your login (mail) in the system: 
• Team name 
A team will be created for you, your account will be activated, and you will be able to start using the service. 
Also, if you want to join an existing team as a buyer, your team lead needs to contact the support chat with a request to add you to the team and write: 
• login (mail) in the system: 
• Team name: 
• a role, that has to be assigned to the account. Under the hood 
After registration, a convenient dashboard opens for you.
The main sections of the site: «Balance» «Cards» «Team». 
During the work in a team, three roles are available, each of which has its capabilities: 
  Owner - team leader: 
  Manager - manager/team lead of the team, manages finances and monitors the    statistics of subordinate buyers: 
  Teammate - Buyer, the buyer can be subordinate to the Team Owner or Team Manager so you can create "subteams" within your team. 
Something on the financial
Tick Card can be replenished in various convenient ways. The minimum amount in USDT, as well as from the Traffic Light account (we make a payment, from where it can be replenished) is only 50 EUR Ma Crediting funds via bank transfer starts from a limit of 500 EUR. 
Refill fee (for card replenishment): BIN Barcelona -4%. BIN Sophia - 6.5%. 
Write to FlexCard support to find out the details of replenishment and ask all questions that interest you. 
Card issuance fee: BIN Barcelona - 4 EUR. BIN Sophina - 2 EUR. 
Conversion commission for conversion with spends - 1%. If the currency of your payment (withdrawal from the card) is not EUR, then the bank charges a conversion fee for spending. For example, if you have Facebook or Tik Tok with a balance in USD, then 1% is charged for converting EUR -> USD.
Refund: if something did not suit you, the requested refund is carried out within 24 hours with the return of the Refill-commission.
Verdict: FlexCard is a must-have for every web! 
• Maps fit well in Google, FB, and TT: 
• Fast replenishment;
• Low issue cost (from 2 EUR to 4 EUR); 
• The average return time for pre-authorization billings is only five days;
• No service fee for the Marche card;
• No fee for unsuccessful transactions;
• Fast replenishment:
  USDT (no additional fees) 
  Bank transfer (no additional fees) 
  Capitalist (additional fee 2.5%) 
  Сards of Russian banks (additional fee 2.5%) 
  Transfer from balance Traffic light (no additional fees)