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Communications platform 2mee offers an alternative to responsible gambling

Communications platform 2mee has announced its latest plans to help companies promote responsible gambling and support customers. Rather than restricting advertising and spending to combat gambling addiction, they are promoting the use of human holograms that customers can talk to in the app. The technology will be called ‘Direct Human Messaging’ and the idea is that this human connection will encourage gamblers to talk about their problems without any embarrassment for reaching out for help.

2mee chief executive James Riley explained the idea below:
“It allows operators to directly reach out to potentially at-risk players with a message that is truly human and use the emotional engagement it creates to ensure players are happy and healthy at all times. 2mee allows businesses and brands to build empathy with their audiences and leverage the power of emotional marketing.
 Anyone can record a message on their smartphone and then 2mee delivers that message to an operator’s entire player base or a single customer. This could be for a promotion or bonus offer, driving engagement via a brand ambassador, or even to reach out to players from a customer support perspective.”

With VR and AR continuing to break into the mainstream, it is no wonder that 2mee are keen to introduce the use of holograms and they could well be ahead of the curve and other competitors by trialing this technology.