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Trust Payments acquires Stor

Trust payments have recently come up with a viable option for ISOs, banks, and other organizations to be able to start selling Stor directly to US merchants. This was established due to Trust payment’s acquiring Stor technology at the beginning of the year.

Trust payments is a fintech firm, aspiring to make their consumers’ lives easier. The announcement was made earlier this week on the official launch of Stor, an e-commerce platform that is specifically used to help small to medium-sized enterprises compete in the market.
Jonathan O’Connor, the Group Chief Commercial Officer and US CEO of Trust Payment had this to say:
“We believe Stor is going to be a disruptor in the market. It will be a value-added solution for our partners to help broaden their relationships in their current book of business while remaining competitive and differentiated,”

By acquiring Stor, it means that the company can offer online shopping solutions that give consumers access to a variety of easy-to-use tools. Trust payments have set up a rigorous training program for its US-based staff to ensure that the operation runs smoothly. The staff are at the forefront of this merger and are a key part of its success.