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Dutch regulator taking action against gaming machine operators

Mere months since the legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands in October 2021, the Dutch market is making it quite clear that this one admittance doesn’t mean they are to be messed with when it comes to gambling.

The regulating body in the Dutch gambling market, de Kansspelautoriteit or KSA, has taken action against 37 gaming machine operators who were caught operating without the proper licenses in place.

The KSA works as an authority figure for the country’s new online gambling market but is also a distributor of licenses for gaming machines. However, venues also need a permit to make sure that the gaming machines are located in a permitted place, namely locations predominantly visited by adults. These “presence permits” assure authorities that no underage gambling is likely to take place, or marketing gambling to anyone underage.

And yet, a whopping 37 gaming operators are about to feel the consequences of not making sure their Dutch gambling licenses are up to scratch after the KSA conducted inspections on a random sample of 290 gaming machines.

Perhaps knowing the consequences of failing to comply, 36 of the operators immediately ceased the violations, leaving only one which will face an order for a penalty from the Dutch KSA. It is possible that this operator could lose its gambling license.