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GGPoker fined by British Gambling Commission for AML failings

NSUS Limited, commonly known for trading under its GGPoker brand, has been fined £672,829 ($738,763/€760,737) by the British Gambling Commission when an investigation showed that there were failings in the company’s anti-money laundering regulations in addition to social responsibility failings like breaches of self-exclusion rules.

Self-exclusion is a supportive feature that allows the player to block themselves from the casino site for some time. At that time, they are not to be contacted by online casino providers. It seems GGPoker was sending promotional emails to self-excluded players.

According to the British Gambling Commission in a written statement on its site: “Social responsibility failures included failing to identify customers who may be at risk of experiencing harms associated with gambling and failing to interact with customers who may be at risk of experiencing harms associated with gambling. The operator also failed to take all reasonable steps to prevent any marketing material being sent to self-excluded customers when it sent marketing emails to 125 self-excluded customers.”

As for the anti-money laundering and in turn anti-terrorism funding, the British Gambling Commission saw holes in its regulatory operations that included failings in conducting adequate risk assessments and a lack of proper policies, procedures, and controls to mitigate the identified risks.