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Flutter revenue takes off

Flutter saw revenue reach £6.04bn (€7.22bn/$8.10bn) for the calendar 2021 year. With the yearly results ending on the 31st December. However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows as net profit dropped by 24.6%. This is bitterly disappointing as this year headlined for superior growth due to the recovery of Covid-19.

The growth for flutter can ultimately be pinned down to the fact that they connected themselves with big-name iGaming brands such as Pokerstars which has seen them gain massive traffic.
One of Flutter’s main sources of revenue came from the sports industry. This is backed up as sports revenue reached £3.77bn, a massive rise of over 25% compared to the year prior. This had a knock-on effect on gaming revenue as it dipped slightly, with a still healthy margin of £2.26bn.
Flutter has seen itself steal large market control in the UK and Ireland as it retained 29% of the market, whilst generating over £2bn in revenue. A staggering increase of £34 million when you compare it to the year before. The main source of this revenue came from the online sector as it racked up £1.88bn, followed by the retail sector which took over £170m.
CEO of Flutter, Peter Jackson had this to say

“Overall, I am pleased with the progress we have made during 2021 and believe Flutter is exceptionally well-positioned for future growth.”