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Dutch Government cracks down further on gambling advertising

It seems that the Dutch government is only getting stricter and stricter when it comes to gambling advertising following the announcement of their latest plans. It was revealed on the government website last week that they plan to bring in a policy that would force Dutch advertisers to prove that their ads are not reaching under 24-year-olds.

The announcement is an attempt to deter companies from releasing ‘untargeted ads’ across platforms such as radio, television, events, and sports competitions. The idea behind the policy is that these sorts of adverts promote gambling in a positive light to young people and this demographic is seen as particularly vulnerable. This policy follows various other crackdowns on gambling advertising across the country and the government seems to only be getting stricter when it comes to this industry.

It seems that the people of the Netherlands will welcome this idea as earlier this month it was revealed that some 20,000 gamblers had self-excluded themselves from gambling activity and so it is possible that as a nation they are quite mindful of the negative effects of gambling.
The changes are set to come into effect early next year with sponsoring of sports teams by gambling companies also being forbidden.