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TikTok adds livestream intros to boost engagement

Video-sharing and social media platform TikTok has added the ability to create live stream intros to help boost engagement for their users.

This is a short description that is designed to welcome viewers to the broadcast and let them know a little about what the stream will entail through text. It is also a great way for the streamer to boost engagement, as it will allow them to lay out CTAs such as to follow them on TikTok.

The introduction of livestreaming on TikTok

While it started as a platform for sharing short and snappy video clips, TikTok has been evolving for some time. First came the ability to go live on the platform, and this has now evolved further with the addition of the live stream intros.
As TikTok grows in popularity, developers need to look into how they can effectively monetize their content. With most TikToks, it is difficult to add pre- or mid-roll ads as we see on other platforms such as YouTube.

As a result, TikTok has had to get creative with the introduction of longer videos, shops, showcases, and now the ability to go live in this way. If links or a linktree can be added to this platform, it could prove to be a powerful way to reach people.

Affiliate marketers should always be searching for new ways in which they can reach their audience. TikTok could be one of the biggest social media platforms in the world in 2022. Though it might be a bit of an alien landscape compared to other, more familiar social media platforms, there are plenty of opportunities for affiliates to chase if they are willing to take on the challenge. Livestreaming here could be the ideal way for an affiliate to get started.