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LeoVegas to invest in Polish tech hub

International gambling group LeoVegas has launched its Warsaw tech hub in Poland. The innovative iGaming company is known for its ambition to stay at the cutting edge of technology development and has made that clear with its expanse into Warsaw.

The tech hub is intended to act as HQ, however, the commercial operations of the company will be kept from Poland. The Warsaw tech hub will focus on the “growing demand”, according to LeoVegas, for technological development and capabilities around customer experience, such as new products, personalisations, and payment options.

The idea is to hire 60 developers for the new site in Warsaw over the next two years, on top of its ongoing recruitment of UK, Swedish, and Netherland developers and staff.

What is LeoVegas saying?
Mattias Wedar, Chief Product & Tech Officer at LeoVegas Group, said in a statement: “LeoVegas’ success, and the award-winning gaming experience that we give our customers, is driven by our innovative mindset and our proprietary platform, Rhino.”

“Our new hub in Warsaw is a key part of our strategy to stay right at the forefront of innovation, new product development, and payments while offering a highly personalised experience to our customers. Our new hub will kickstart this next phase of development.”

Room for expansion?
This investment in a tech hub comes after LeoVegas reported its fourth-quarter 2021 financial revenue, which came to $109 million in revenue.
It seems like, within the technological developments planned, LeoVegas is looking to the smartphone as the future of iGaming. LeoVegas CEO Gustaf Hagman asserted that he is looking for a “smartphone-oriented casino expert” in North America.