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YouTube updates Search Insights with more languages

YouTube has further expanded its Search Insights feature, adding more languages in a bid to increase accessibility.

Search Insights, which was launched in April, allows creators to gain information on viewers with data based on their search history. It can be used to evaluate metrics such as how much traffic a channel has received based on particular search terms.

YouTube has confirmed that Search Insights, which was previously only available in English, will now be available in additional languages including Hindi, Japanese, and Korean, with plans to add more language options in the future.

Additionally, YouTube has worked to improve its Super Thanks feature, enabling push notifications to alert a creator whenever they receive a Super Thanks.

Super Thanks are purchasable tokens of appreciation that viewers can send to creators, they act as an excellent revenue source for content creators on the platform.

Now, creators will be notified whenever they receive a Super Thanks. This will allow them to respond in a prompt and timely manner, which should theoretically improve the creator/fan relationship and allow creators to foster a more communicative and interconnected community.

In September, YouTube introduced the Super Thanks option for YouTube Shorts, in an attempt to further monetize the feature.