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Gambling Commission set to trial single customer view

The Gambling Commission has announced that it intends to trial a single customer view feature for operators in the coming months.

The feature will give operators detailed information about individual player activity across all betting platforms, in a way that the Commission asserts will keep customer data safe.

The system will allow operators to more easily identify players who are displaying signs of problem gambling, such as losing large amounts of money and put steps in place to ensure that player is protected.

The Commission first announced plans to launch this initiative back in April of this year, coming as part of a wider effort to make the UK one of the safest and fairest gambling markets for players.

The new guidance came into place in September 2022, instructing all operators to monitor specific metrics to help them identify problem gamblers.

Speaking to the International Association of Gaming Regulators, Gambling Commission Chief Executive Andrew Rhodes said: “A problem we will all face is that a very responsible operator may exclude someone from gambling or force a pause in their gambling as they are showing signs of harm.

“However, this may simply result in a person who may be in distress simply moving to another operator, and then another, and another.

“The single customer view will allow operators to be alerted to customers who have been excluded by another operator due to concerns about their level of gambling, thus breaking this circuit.”

He went on to confirm that the single customer view trail is expected to launch “in the coming months”.