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Meta has released a report on “brand implications” due to the effect of the pandemic

Meta has created a report around the effect of the pandemic and has outlined five “brand implications” for marketing purposes in its report.

Meta, or specifically, Meta Foresight, formally Facebook IQ, has conducted a survey of 36,000 adults across 12 markets on the effect of the pandemic on social media users.

They’re a little late to the game but they do give an insight into the lasting effects of the pandemic on social media. Rather than pointing out what people’s attitude is to talking about and being marketed at using the concept of the pandemic, Meta is focusing on the trends that have resulted in permanent shifts.

And they have come to a startling conclusion. In its own words, Meta said it is looking to explore “how the demand for deeper human connection has sparked a profound reset in our relationships”.

What does the report say?

The key findings of Meta’s report include:
  • 72% of users surveyed said that the pandemic caused them to reprioritize their closest friends
  • Younger people are more open to the idea of using more immersive tech to foster connections, such as augmented and virtual reality.
  • 37% of users said they were reassessing their life priorities as a result of the pandemic.

What are these “brand implications”?

The report breaks down five “brand implications” for the sake of marketing.
  • Brand loyalty and trust will change, due to reprioritizing of loyalties. Meta suggests focusing on authenticity.
  • Brands as a relationship facilitator – brands can focus on building relationships between users
  • The dawn of new collective memory creation – get specific and targeted with your marketing, without blurring location, conditions, etc.
  • Match your use of immersive technology with the audience's needs – Use practical contact. Opt out of video calling when a message or short-form video is better.
  • Go bigger with your creator ecosystem – expand the network of creators you market with and deepen consumer relationships.