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Sports stars are coming to your betting experience on, the leading crypto-focused sports betting brand, is using 2mee’s technology to bring sports legends to life. Onsite notifications are being replaced with holograms of sports stars so that they can deliver updates.

2mee has created a patented communications technology that sends users messages over app and web channels, which is using as part of its customer-focused marketing strategy.

What does that mean?
That means that using the site, and in particular its notifications, can have users receiving information from the likes of Aussie cricketer Brett Lee, Brazilian World Cup winner Denilson and the “Romford Pele” Ray Parlour.
It also means that the biggest sports stars of our generation can act as brand ambassadors without ever having to lift a finger.

This can be a great asset to creating a more immersive betting experience and taking an important step in iGaming that takes it from simple casino sites filled with the same games to an experience with some substance.

And is it working?
According to, it is. Since deploying the holograms on their site, they are reporting high levels of engagement from users, at an average of a whopping 51% CTR.

What has got to say about it?
“Thanks to 2mee, we can bring ambassadors to life for our users around the world. Instead of standard notifications, players now receive personal offers and updates from sporting legends including Brett Lee and Denilson. This is what we mean when we talk about putting our customers at the center of the universe.”