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Twitter launches live audio chat feature, Spaces

Twitter has dived into the spoken word, with its new feature: Spaces. The feature has launched and is available around the world on iOS, Android, and the web, allowing users to host audio chats with an audience.

What is a Twitter Space?

Twitter Spaces has been compared to Discord’s voice chat and Clubhouse as a means of hosting a live public audio chat that is hosted from one account but can be watched and contributed to by anyone via the live chat. Hosts can add a co-host, making for an event akin to a live podcast, and there is also the ability to schedule in a Space for an audience to tune into.
As of December 2021, there have already been upgrades announced to the feature, which allows viewers who are late to a Spaces live broadcast to record the event and listen at a later point.

The feature will be a great asset to brands and influencers, who are already using similar live audio platforms to engage with their audience.

Affiliate Insider isn’t about to be left behind

Twitter’s new features will be put to the ultimate test in February when Affiliate Insider launches its live event on Spaces. The event will cover insider knowledge on all things to do with affiliate marketing. Keep an eye on our site for updates on the event.