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Crash Games approved by Portuguese Regulators

The Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ) in Portugal announced on May 19th that they have approved a regulation that will allow the playing of crash games in the country. This makes Portugal one of the first European regulatory authorities to incorporate laws to regulate games such as these.

The ‘technical framework’ on the standards proposed by the SRIJ to govern and regulate crash and loot games, which have quickly become some of the most popular and fastest-growing online casino games.

The regulation came into effect just the day after, May 20th. From there, Portugal’s Legal Regime for Online Gaming and Betting was altered to feature crash games within the legislation from here onwards.

Crash games are games that are banked in-house, allowing players to compete against the operator itself. They tend to work on a multiplier that increases from 1 to a maximum of 100 throughout the game.

The aim is for a player to withdraw their bet before the game comes to an end, and therefore receive their original stake multiplied by the multiplier total. If a player does not manage to withdraw their bet before the conclusion of the game, they will lose their original bet.
With the new legislation, multipliers are to go from 1 to 100, and cannot feature a return to player (RTP) value of anything less than 80 percent.

The new rules mean that licensed operators in Portugal can now apply for approval to offer crash games themselves.

Back in March SRIJ placed a ban on publishing the odds for live sporting events anywhere, both in-venue and online.