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Twitter is launching “Notes” long-form blogging option

No doubt taking inspiration from influencer apologies, Twitter has finally supplied users with a means of creating long-form text posts, named “Notes”.

Thus far, Twitter users, when they want to say something that comes out to more than 280 characters, have been writing out their statements in the Notes app within their iPhones, (or an Android equivalent), screenshotting it, and posting the screenshot on Twitter, hence the term The Notes App Apology.

Finally, Twitter has decided to cut out the middleman and offered its users a Notes option on selected users’ profiles.

A gif posted on the Twitter Write account shows how you can integrate a more long-form text post and post it to your Twitter. The initial post will show users a snippet of what you’re posting, plus a picture, and users looking at it can click to expand the post and get the full detail.

What does this mean for marketers?
This idea might have been inspired by Notes App Apologies, but it will be a big hit with bloggers, who are already using Twitter to market their posts. Whether your business is a blog, such as an affiliate blog, or a blog is your means of marketing your business, it’s easy to see how getting more eyes on the post via Twitter will be beneficial.

The body of any given blog post can be up to 2,500 words, which could mean that Twitter might soon turn into more of an AO3 platform.