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TikTok Shopping Feature Trials in Indonesia

TikTok is pushing even more e-commerce features with its trial of a shopping feature on its app in an attempt to increase its monetization opportunities. Its latest tests in Indonesia have offered users access to a new ‘Shop’ section on the popular video content platform app. This new feature is located next to TikTok’s ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feed sections.

TikTok is trialing a dedicated shopping section on its app which has been given as much user interface priority as the existing main content pages. The shopping feature includes a shopping cart symbol on the top right of the screen which you can add items while you scroll through the app. This is pointing towards the next generation of TikTok worldwide.

This has been the general direction of TikTok’s growth for some time now, which is following a similar trajectory as the Chinese version of the app, ‘Douyin’. Now, the majority of income from Douyin is sourced from its in-stream e-commerce features. These updates are creating great new opportunities for creator monetization through strategies such as brand partnerships which can serve to curate more organic growth for businesses on TikTok.

This update could also help TikTok to serve as some real competition with both YouTube and Instagram in terms of creator monetization. This could very well serve to be one of TikTok’s most valuable moves.

The app is still working hard to integrate all of its commerce tools such as its collaborations with Shopify and its introduction of payment options. However, TikTok appears to be working fast to create as many opportunities for itself and its users as possible.