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TikTok follow retail trend with ‘Creative Exchange’ feature

Social media platform TikTok has launched its Creative Exchange feature which aims to connect brands with influencers.

What is it?

Following in the lines of features pioneered by Instagram and Facebook in their push to make social media an online retail space, TikTok has created the “Creative Exchange” feature. The feature will allow brands to pitch their marketing campaigns to top creators, which the creator can then create content around.
As TikTok explained in a statement, “TikTok Creative Exchange platform gives marketers instant access to a selection of the best TikTok creative partners in the industry and enables efficient collaboration at scale. Our network of creative experts will help tailor and personalize content to improve ad performance on TikTok and drive business results.”
Brands with verified profiles need only sign up for the Creative Exchange platform, fill out an overview of what you are looking for in the content and the basics of a contract, before relevant creators will find it via email notifications, and get in touch.

Why now?

The short-form video content app has taken off in the past couple of years, with marketing opportunities quickly arising within the community – and TikTok is eager to take advantage of it. The app has already launched a holiday marketing campaign guide for brands to use their app, and in it, they point out that 47% of their users have said they have bought something they saw on a TikTok. A large chunk of the content posted on the app is commentary and reviews on books, films, etc. but also genres like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt#ShienHaul, and #AmazonFinds, in which creators share their recent purchases and review them.
Meanwhile, more and more social media apps are expanding their retail resources. Facebook and Instagram are already rolling out features like the Creative Exchange concept that aims to connect brands with creators for the sake of affiliate marketing. Elsewhere, Snapchat is offering augmented reality fitting rooms to its customers, allowing them to try before they buy certain clothing options.