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Cut Long Content into Short Clips with YouTube Update

YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows content creators to cut long-form videos into short clips. Leaning into the trend along with Meta, this new feature from YouTube allows creators to take sections of their long-form videos and turn them into short versions that are one minute long or less.

This will help YouTube content creators to include shorts in their strategy, and over 1.5 billion YouTube users are already engaging with shorts each month. Short clips are a great way for creators and brands alike to increase brand awareness and engage with audiences.

Converting long-form videos into Shorts will give users access to the existing Shorts editing tools such as filters, text, and timeline editing, but will also give users the option to add new videos to converted clips if they wish to.

Videos made when users cut long-form videos into short clips will link to the long-form videos they came from meaning that audiences will be able to easily find the original content which is where most YouTube monetization is made.

YouTube’s huge success comes from its incredible system for monetization which allows creators to place advertisements in the middle of long-form videos, which platforms like TikTok are unable to implement in the same way. Allowing Shorts to drive traffic towards longer content that facilitates significantly more monetization could prove to be an incredibly good move for YouTube in its attempt to keep up with the rise of TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms focusing on short-form content.