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Instagram reveals some of the secrets behind their algorithms

When creating content for Instagram many marketers and affiliates alike would dream to have some insight into how to optimize their content to work with the platform’s algorithm. In an overview released just this weekend, Instagram details how it ranks content and ‘suggested posts’ within its user feeds.

In recent months the social network has been integrating a lot more AI technology into the ranking of user recommendations but not all these advancements have been welcomed by its users. In an attempt to win back its customers, Instagram will now be offering an increased number of relevant recommendations per user and hopes to increase engagement.

Instagram’s engineering team has revealed some of their thought process behind the impending changes:
‘Users spend a lot of time crafting the perfect home feed for themselves. How can we do some of that work for them and make it feel like they crafted these recommendations themselves? Anecdotally speaking, users who stay engaged keep finding newer sources of interest to follow. Can we help in this act of progressive personalization a bit?’

The company’s overall goal is to make home feeds feel more familiar to the customer so that they feel their feed has been crafted for them and their interests, rather than simply viral or generic content.