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Gamstop launches responsible gambling university tour

Self-exclusion service Gamstop has announced the launch of ‘The Gambling Support University Tour’, in partnership with the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) and the RecoverMe gambling harm support mobile app.

The tour is designed to spread awareness of responsible gambling and to provide direct support to students who may be affected by gambling harm.

The tour is set to visit several universities across the UK, where students and staff will be given education sessions and training for gambling harm-related support. The tour has already stopped at locations including Bournemouth, Central Lancashire, Lincoln, Northumbria, Stoke-on-Trent, and Worcester.

Harm prevention training will be led by YGAM and delivered to university staff and senior student union members.

A similar tour spearheaded by the Scottish Gambling Education Network has already visited 18 Scottish locations.

The announcement comes after recent studies revealed the extent of gambling harm among students. Of 2,000 students surveyed, 80% had gambled and 41% reported that gambling hurt their higher education experience.

Around 63% of those surveyed said they gambled at least once a month, while 38% said they gambled at least once a week.

“The Gambling Support University Tour has been a great success and is an important initiative for all the organizations taking part,” said Gamstop Chief Executive Fiona Palmer.