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TikTok ‘nearby’ content could help brands

TikTok is currently undergoing a testing phase that allows users to look at ‘nearby’ feeds. This is alongside the For you and the following section. This can be an amazing consideration for brands as it can allow them to target locally like never before.  

As explained by TechCrunch: 
“For example, if your For You page often displays restaurant recommendations or must-see hiking spots, the Nearby feed should show you videos of restaurants and hiking trails that are near you.” 

TikTok is fastly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms out there, and it is estimated that it will see 1.5 billion users go into the platform before the end of the year. This is only behind Facebook and Youtube.  

By implementing a channel that is purely directed toward local content, it means that you are allowing brands and businesses to steer as much local traffic into their businesses as they can. Considering that TikTok traffic is made up of about 40% of young people, this is a huge promotional opportunity.  

Details at the moment are fairly vague, as they are just starting the testing phase. The rumors circulating is that TikTok will add geotags to videos and they have also added the option to tag locations for posts for the user themselves.