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YouTube Tweaks Shorts Analytics and Creator Features

YouTube has introduced several small changes to its display of analytics features in an attempt to help creators optimize their use of the application. This includes tweaks to its Shorts analytics as well as introducing more advanced data on audience behavior for the YouTube Studio.
Firstly, Shorts is the current fastest-growing format for new content on the app after the rise in popularity of short-form content that has been sparked by TikTok’s incredible popularity over the last several years. The design of the Shorts analytics page is being updated in an attempt to help creators maximize their use and the performance of their content through YouTube. This will hopefully bring YouTube’s shorts analytics up to a similar stage that other platforms are displaying currently.

The Shorts updates will include the introduction of more specific insights into the performance of your Shorts content and help creators to better manage the performance of their content and gain a better insight at a glance.

As well as the changes to the Shorts pages, YouTube is introducing more advanced data concerning audience behavior. This includes the introduction of a ‘See More’ button in the main section of your analytics page, which will allow creators to see both new and returning viewers as a part of the existing data listings. This will help creators to see more specific information on how different areas of their viewership are responding and interacting with their content.
This will provide insight into how audiences are discovering your channel and if they are returning to your content or not.

Although these insights are not particularly new, the YouTube updates will make them more front-and-center, making it easier for creators to access and make use of them