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An exclusive insight into Betting.Partners, the latest tool for iGaming affiliates

We recently sat down with Will Edwards of Betting. Partners, the developers of an exciting new tool for affiliates. This new tool is designed to help make it easier than ever for iGaming affiliates to create sites for their brands, and we think it will prove beneficial to many affiliates!

1) What are some of the challenges that affiliates typically face in the iGaming industry?

Having to be a jack of all trades is probably the most tiring challenge faced by affiliates, and is the reason most affiliate websites tend to be filled with amazing written content but very badly designed. Someone who knows how to write and attract an audience may not know how to code or design a nice website, which is leading them to advertise brands ineffectively and lose a lot of conversions.

2) Tell us more about the components that Betting. Partners have developed for affiliates and how they aid the challenges faced by affiliates.

We have developed an ever-growing variety of lead-generating components that affiliates can insert on their website to improve their SEO, user experience, and conversion rate, all with a simple copy and paste of an automatically generated code. Simply put, our components help affiliates to advertise brands more effectively.

3) Many affiliates are not website developers, are these components easy for them to use?

Absolutely. Each of our components can be customized visually, whilst our system does the coding in the background. All the affiliate has to do is copy and paste the generated code somewhere on their website and they’re good to go.

4) How do these components aid affiliates with SEO and ranking well on SERPs such as Google?

All of our components have been developed with SEO in mind and can help affiliates to climb their way up the SERPs. Each component allows the affiliate to use internal links, locally host logos from their website, and add image alt/title text. Every line of code has been written to maximize the recommendations outlined by Google for SEO.

5) For those starting in the affiliate world, can Betting. Partners help with setting up a website from scratch?

Most definitely, our components are what’s going to allow any new affiliate to flip whichever website template they’ve started with into an affiliate powerhouse that advertises brands at an expert level. No need to spend time researching how to code or buying plug-ins that aren’t cut out for the job.

6) What do you think the future of Affiliate Marketing holds and where should partners be focusing more time and effort to succeed?

Affiliates should continue focusing on content marketing, as well-written content is what attracts an audience who are ready to convert into customers for their affiliated brands. With the help of our lead-generating components, the percentage of their audience who convert into customers should increase significantly, as brands are being advertised more effectively and the affiliate has more time to work on their content.